Here you will find some of this years dog's that we have currently or had in our training program.

If we don't have any dog's available we can source one to suit your need's, we won't rush sourcing the dog it must be the right dog for you & to your specific requirements.

Contact us to make a reservation, we supply dog's to the security & civilian sector & select clients.

All our dog's are trained in Weapon Attack, Person Hold & bark (this is where the dog holds by barking & keep's the assailant at a safe distance & if the perpetrator continues to move closer to you the dog will defend it's handler at all cost's),  Person search work, gunshots, sticks.

Our handover is a 3 day process where you learn how to use your K9 Protection Dog to defend you & we will advise you on the legalities of owning a trained K9 Protection Dog.

Drago 10 month old Dobermann from Russia currently in our training program & being trained in personal protection: SOLD

Kizz GSD Male: SOLD

Duke a 7 month old male GSD currently being trained by us for our client: SOLD.

Tinder 12 month old Malinois: Fully Trained by us in personal protection & person search work  for one of our clients: SOLD.

18 mth old Dobermann from Russia fully trained in PP: SOLD

Boss GSD: Trained by us for personal protection: SOLD

2 yr old Dobermann fully trained by us in personal protection: SOLD

Bowler ABD: Fully trained in personal protection by us: NOT FOR SALE

18 Mth old Dobermann fully trained in Personal Protection: SOLD

16 Mth old GSD fully trained in Personal protection: SOLD

Surge 7 mth old Dobermann: Currently in a training program with us for our client: SOLD

We have 2 females from the Dutch champion IPO 3 dog & FMBB world championship participant Caine:

These females will be coming into our training program we look forward to seeing them develop for our clients.


1 Male puppy available from top a combination in Holland: SOLD