Training your K9 partner to the very highest level.

Michael Mc Cann

Head Trainer 

I have gained various degrees of canine related qualifications ranging from Dog Psychology to Understanding Canine Aggression through CIDBT (Cambridge Institute of Dog Behavior and Training) gaining Professional Instructor Skills & Management in Dog Training, receiving National Dog Training Instructor certification from CIDBT, GODT Guild of Dog Trainers (Master Dog Trainer status), MBIPDT/ GODTMT/ NASDU.

I am an approved instructor for NASDU (National Association of Security Dog Users) delivering HABC GPSDH L2 & L3 courses to ex Police, Military & civilian personnel.

 I am an accredited KCAI (Kennel Club Accredited Instructor) also doing my BA Hons degree in Canine Behavior & Psychology, I am an approved trainer for the Kennel Club GCDS as well as an A list examiner.
Also completing courses with Edinburgh University in Animal Behaviour & Welfare under Professor Natalie Waran, BSc, PhD, Dr Fritha Langford, BSc, MSc, PhD , Dr Susan Jarvis, BSc, MSc, PhD , Heather Bacon, BSc BVSc CertZooMed MRCVS , Hayley Walters, RVN , Dr Jill MacKay, M.Sci, PhD.

I assess dog's for various police force's such as the Metropolitan Police, Surrey Police, Kent Police & I also carry out assessments on dog's that have been seized by the police under the Dangerous Dog's Act.

I have a deep passion in how dogs learn & behave and the Dobermann breed is a particular passion of mine due to their strong defence drive  & specific training techniques needed to get the best from them.

Currently I am competing with a 2 yr old female from the Warringhof & Vom Jaspis kennel in Germany and recently gained our IPO1 in Holland gaining the highest points of the trial in Obedience, I am also training a 10 month male from the Sant Kreal Kennel in Russia and he is currently ready to do his BH & will do so at 15 mts old.

I am a protection helper in IPO as assessed & licensed by FCI World Championship Judge Mr Simon Kwak from Holland, 

I am also a licensed UKDA tracklayer.

I am also a licensed Dutch Helper having worked under the guidance of international & world championship helper Mr Ruud Broeders, the examining judge in Utrecht was Dhr.Rick Zainal from Holland.

I compete in Europe & the UK in IPO which is something I really enjoy.

James Bows

Head Trainer
I have a long history of working with all varieties of dogs. I grew up involved with the dog sport Schutzhund (a high level points-based sport including three phases – Tracking, Obedience, and Protection). I both compete and assist in the sport. I have previously assisted team UK at the WUSV World Championship in Germany, most recently in 2016
I am one of the few licenced grade a gsdl helpers
As a helper I have had the opportunity to train with some of the most respected trainers in the uk and oversees
I have worked costly with the police, HMS prison service and MOD dog handlers.
I have assisted handlers and dogs to reach the highest levels in the uk within the IPO sport.
I have been selected to be the helper at the gsdl national championships, the all breeds national championships and wusv world championship qualification trials.
I have also competed with my previous ipo3 dog buck at the gsdl national championships and wusv qualification trials
I am currently working with my young ipo1 dog Otto with the hope to compete at the top level in the future
I work privately with clubs around the uk who employ me to hold training weekends to help with the progression of the dogs at all levels
I have a desire to succeed with both my own dog and the dogs and handlers I work with costly.
I have trained many PP dog's for client's all over the UK.

Why Us?

We will only source, train & supply the very best K9 Personal Protection Dog's sourced only from the very best breeders from around the world with the best bloodlines & health so you can be assured they will do the job you want them to do.