Here at K9 Protection Dog's we source, train, & supply  you with a dog that will do the job that you want it to do which is to protect you, your family & your property, lately we are seeing a lot of dog's that are poorly trained & sold as protection dog's by company's that are not putting in the correct type of training into these dog's or not pairing the correct type of K9 Protection Dog to an individual client which can have serious consequences.

Police response times in rural areas of the UK can be thirty minutes or more, the rise in violent crime in rural areas is on the increase and the only real deterrent is a fully trained K9 protection dog which will not run from the fight but will stop an intruder in it's tracks & protect it's family there is a huge difference between a guard dog & a fully trained K9 Protection Dog.

Many of our client's come to us looking for a dog after a major event like a burglary or domestic violence incident so we understand the need to feel secure call us we will pair you with your perfect K9 Protection Dog.

Our dogs are trained in live scenarios for instance a home invasion, with the dog already trained and subjected to live scenarios the dogs are then able to cope with such a scenario so in the event of one happening to our clients their personal protection dog will do its job, while we hope you will never have to use the personal protection dog.

 Like any athlete a personal protection dogs training must be kept up to ensure peak physical and mental fitness of the dog so they can do their job when called upon and our dogs do their jobs and are happy to do it.

We recently had a client contact us who had bought a fully trained dog from another company claiming it was fully trained and then was subjected to a home invasion the dog stood by and watched while the family was subjected to a frightening ordeal we guarantee this will not be the case with the personal protection dogs purchased from us, all our personal protection dogs are sociable around children and will come to see your family as his pack and he or she will defend that pack.

We also encourage you the client to make contact with our previous clients to speak to them so you are confident in your decision to obtain your guardian from us.

We are skilled trainers & behaviourists we understand how a dog thinks and will react so we train for every situation and we ourselves compete at the very highest level with our dogs and we are happy to show you videos during the training process and you are always welcome to come and see the dogs in action with various different breeds always working  its usually an eye opener for the clients and a day thats thoroughly enjoyed by the whole family.

 We often get asked the question of legality on the use of K9 Protection Dog's, the Justice Secretary Chris Grayling plans to change the law to ensure even householders who use force in a way that may seem excessive will be protected from prosecution.

"Householders who act instinctively and honestly in self defence are victims of crime and should be treated that way. We need to dispel doubts in this area once and for all.

The current law already allows people to use "reasonable force" to defend themselves (either at home or on the street), to protect others, to prevent crime or to protect property.

Householders who defend themselves against burglars should not be expected to exercise "calm cool judgment", he explained. "You are not calmly detached. You are probably very cross and very frightened – a mixture of both … the householder is entitled to use all sorts of reasonable force to get rid of the burglar."


Our trainers are experienced K9 Protection Dog trainers as well as IPO competitors, ( IPO is a high level dog sport which includes Tracking - Obedience - Protection where you gain titles ranging from BH to IPO3 ) , our trainers are also licensed UK & Dutch helpers in protection work as well as NASDU Instructors (National Association of Security Dog Users) we also have KCAI Instructors (Kennel Club Accredited Instructors, all the dog's we source, train & supply are trained to the very highest level so that your K9 Protection Dog can integrate into your lifestyle & do what it's intended for.

Please see on our Experience & Qualifications page for a list of just a few of our K9 Dog Training qualifications & experience so you know the dog you get has been trained to the very highest standards & the continuation training you & your dog will receive will be of the very highest level, all our training for personal protection dog's are based on real life situation's.

We have full public liability insurance for both security dog training as well as conventional dog training, all our dog's have a transition period of 3 day's to it's new owners to ensure compatibility & continuation training should be ongoing, we are  there for our client's 24/7.

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Training K9 Protection dogs is a specialised area of expertise as these dog's must be able to understand the differences between a threat & a non threat and must also be under control when needed so there is a huge amount of training that goes into the development & training of our K9 Protection Dog's.

Our K9 Protection Dogs are trained on multiple threats, person search work, weapons, close quarter & perimeter guarding.

We source only the strongest & most stable K9 Protection Dog's from GSD, Dobermann, Malinois from KNPV lines & various other breeds, it's completely pointless having a full on aggressive dog that looks good in a video but when real pressure is put on the dog it won't react the way you want it to as your life may depend on your dog so they must be trained correctly so they can do their job correctly, confidently & quickly.

All our dogs go through an intensive K9 Protection Dog program that takes anywhere up to 2 yrs of training, they are trained to keep threats at a safe distance & if needed to hold an attacker & not to let go until you tell them to with a specific command.

We see a lot of dog's that have been trained incorrectly or protection dog's with poor nerves or sports dog's that trainers have tried to train into personal protection dog's these types of dog's react to every little thing & usually in prey drive & are usualy more equipment focused this is not the type of dog you want as a personal protection dog, here at K9 Protection Dog's we have an intensive security dog training program that we have developed over many many years with live scenarios based on real life event's the handler & dog may face, we are honest with the good & bad points of a particular dog and let the client know if the dog is suited to them, we only let dog's go through our training program if they have the correct traits we are looking for in our K9 Protection Dog's.

 Feel free to come & see some of our dog's & make up your own mind.

We also do residential training for both working & pet dog's.